Created for the Random Wikihow Jam for the Topic "How to Start a Nonprofit Homeless Shelter". 

However i started exactly 22 hours ago and haven't slept in that time, and while i was able to push a lot of groundwork time run out before i could build the actual fun in. (Wait a few seconds for your first customers to show up, make sure to place a random something too!)


  • Randomly generated "Hobo" NPCs
  • Either build a Snackmachine, Sodamachine or Bed to satisfy your customer needs (currently random with the builder button)
  • Earn some pocket cash from your customers using your objects.
  • A lot more, but these are essentially the "playable" parts so far


Build a Homeless Shelter from the ground. Offer everything that is needed from food over hygiene to information and sleep. Earn trough pocket cash from your clients or donations if your shelter is doing well. 


I may build this into a Tycoon Game, maybe i change to a different topic that is less enforced trough Wikihow, but still uses the same graphics and engine.

If you have some early feedback, suggestions or just some interest feel free to comment below. 

Thanks for the fun jam :)

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