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Play Pixel Blackjack the realistic (pixely) blackjack simulator. The best free blackjack game with upgrades, trophies, custom game modes & a lot more!

100% Free Game - No in game purchases!

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Blackjack which is also known as 21 is a world wide popular casino game. Pixel Blackjack offers a realistic las vegas casino blackjack experience directly on your phone, without hidden costs.

✓ Simple & intuitive controls. If you know Blackjack, you know Pixel Blackjack.
✓ Realistic card decks, mixed before every draw. No unrealistic dealer hands.
✓ Many Upgrades like Game Mods, Bigger Chips & Stacks.
✓ Many upgradeable cardbacks & table graphics.
Over 100 🏆 Trophies you can earn while playing.
✓ Cute Pixel (perfect) graphics, working well on every device size
✓ Slot Machine 🎰 with a free roll every 24 hours. Never run out of money
✓ All the popular mechanics: Insurance, Split, Double Down, ...
✓ Several ways to get 💵 extra cash to buy new upgrades and avoid bankruptcy.

About Blackjack:
The main goal of the game is to get closer to 21 than the Dealer (The one that gives out the cards). In order to reach that goal you can either hit (draw another card) or stand (be happy enough with your current result). However when you go over 21 the dealer has automatically won. There is more to it, but this is basic Blackjack.

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